10 Fun Sleepover Activities we can still enjoy despite safety measures

Although we may not be super comfortable to have sleepovers with our friends yet, here are some fun activities to enjoy with friends that Covid-safe and still give us that super fun sleepover experience. 

  1. Put on your Sleeponit PJ’s!

It’s not a real sleepover unless you're in Pajamas! Make sure you are all dressed up and slumber party-ready before the actual sleepover begins. 

  1. Facials

Buy or create your own custom facial masks. Nothing screams a slumber party more than a spa day with friends! Cut up some cucumbers and we’re ready to go. 

Think picture below:

  1. Cupcake decorating
  • Pick up some cupcakes and have a cupcake decorating contest! Each girl can decorate their own cupcakes with frosting and sprinkles. Parents can judge to see which girl designed the most creative cupcake!
  1. Design your own pillowcases
  • Take your basic white pillow case and upgrade it! With fabric or regular markers, each girl can design and decorate their own pillowcase.

  1. Make Slime!
  • Each girl can have their own personal slime kits and decorate it to their own imagination. 

  1. Create friendship bracelets
  • All you need is some string and lanyard to create your own bracelet. There's nothing more special than having all your friends create matching best friend bracelets! 

  1. Game Night 
  • Pull out the board games for a friendly face off. Board games are a slumber party essential, and allows for some friendly competition. 

  1. Create a blanket fort.
  • Grab all your blankets for this one. Allow the girls to create their own fort where they can attach the blankets to chairs to create a fabulous fort to either huddle under, or leave for some star gazing.
  1. Play Truth or Dare
  • This one is pretty self explanatory, but a sleepover party must! Let the games begin!
  1. Movie Night
  • There's nothing better than a sleepover with a movie on, and some popcorn on the side. Whether it be your favorite Disney movie or a fun  scary movie, movies are always a hit. 

What really makes the super party extra special is having matching PJ’s. Be sure to check out our gorgeous new arrivals! 

Written by Ronnie Shalam


Love these activities! Perfect for the Holidays!!

Jessica on Nov 16, 2020

The kids are going to love this!

Ezra Laniado on Nov 16, 2020

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