Sleep On It’s Most Wonderful Holiday Gift Guide 

It’s the most wonderful time of the year!  

That’s right beautiful reader, the holidays are in full swing, and you know what that means? It’s the time of the year where we all indulge in the festive spirit, spread joy, and enjoy the twinkle of Christmas decorations.  

However, for us, the most special part about the holidays is how loud our houses get with the laughter of our loved ones. The sweet aroma of freshly baked Christmas goodies throughout the house. Snuggling up under the covers, enjoying some hot cocoa and our favorite holiday movie. And, of course, let’s not forget the presents!  

But diving into the holiday can, at times, get exhausting as Christmas shopping is in full swing. Whether it’s to find the perfect Christmas gift, brunch outfit, or matching pajamas for the family holiday card, figuring out what to buy and what not to can be over whelming.  

That’s why we at Sleep On It are helping you keep things simple with a specially curated wish list.  

For The Tiny Humans

It’s hard to think of the perfect gift to give a newborn or infant. We often think, what would they like? Or what’s appropriate for their age? However, the real question we should be asking is, what’s something that they would actually use?  

The answer is quite simple. The comfiest, coziest, and cutest jammies that have been designed to make every child’s Christmas wish come true. For example; our snug fit Animal Zoo Pajama Set is the perfect blend of playful prints, super-soft jersey fabric, and our signature snuggle-worthy comfort.  

For Her

This year let’s help make the little princess of the house feel like a queen.  

The holidays are every kid’s dream as it’s filled with a kaleidoscope of activities. From decorating gingerbread houses and the Christmas tree to running around in the snow, the joyous chaos is endless. And while it is extremely exhilarating, it can also be exhausting.  

That’s why it’s important to have the comfiest pajamas that will help them get a great night’s sleep and be ready to take on the hustle and bustle of the next day. For example; our BMJ Dreams Pajama set is like a warm, gentle hug that will whisk your little princess away into a dreamy wonderland. 

For Him

This season we’re bringing in some of the savviest, chicest, and of course, coziest styles that will make your little prince feel like a true style icon from head-to-toe.  

As the cool breezes creep in and the snow fall becomes heavier, the daylight tends to grow shorter. And while this happens, there’s nothing more comforting than lounging around the house. For example; our Plaid Collared Robe is perfect for such evenings. The entire family can stay in with a cup of hot chocolate, listening to the fireplace crackling, and reminiscing about the past year.  

For Besties

No holiday is complete without creating life-long cherished memories with our besties. And what better way to do so with matching pajama sets?!  

Whether they want to wear the entire set or mix and match, our 100% organic cotton Rib Knit Pajama Sets are the perfect holiday gift for every bestie. They’re chic, vibrant, and has that huggable comfort we all need during the holiday.  

Creating the Perfect Combination

To truly make it the most wonderful time of the year, we suggest creating the ultimate essentials bedtime hamper. We’re talking sleep masks, retro alarm clocks, teddy bears to be the best bedtime buddy possible and so much more. Not only does it prolong the fun and excitement of the holidays, but such items also have plenty of mental health benefits.  

Sleep Masks: 

Although sleep masks make our little ones look adorable while sleeping, they also significantly improve their sleep. They can reduce anxiety and encourage relaxation as it blocks out any potential sources of fear or anxiety. As a result, our children feel safe and secure, enhancing their overall sleep through the night.  

Alarm Clocks: 

Have you ever noticed that you still wake up around the same time your alarm goes off, even though you’ve not set your alarm? It’s because our bodies have gotten so used to the idea of waking up at that time, they’ve developed their own personal internal clock that they subconsciously respond to. Therefore, while the sound of alarms going off in the morning can be...well...annoying, they create a sense of consistency for our children. 

Bedtime Buddies: 

Bedtime buddies such as teddy bears, blankets, or anything that give your child a sense of security offers them the emotional support they may need to sleep peacefully throughout the night. They might talk to their teddy bears or cuddle with them when they feel scared or lonely. This emotional connection can provide comfort during times of stress, promoting a more relaxed and secure bedtime environment 


If we’re going to leave you with one piece of advice to take with you during your holiday shopping expeditions, it’s this; don’t just shop for presents! Shop for the love, warmth, and joy that represents the holidays. 

It’s the most wonderful time of the year!  

That’s right beautiful reader, the holidays are in full swing, and you know what that means? It’s the time of the year where we all indulge in the festive spirit, spread joy, and enjoy the twinkle of Christmas decorations.

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