About Sleep On It

You’ve got enough to worry about. Finding comfortable, long-lasting pajamas your kids actually want to wear shouldn’t be one of them.

We’re Sleep On It, makers of high-quality sleepwear that ignites kids’ passions. As parents, we know how important it is to nurture their developing interests. But we also know how quickly they bounce from one thing to the next. Art projects! Action figures! Astronauts! Sound familiar?

Our original designs are inspired by activities and ideas that capture kids’ imagination so they won’t lose interest the way they do with flash-in-the-pan trends. With PJs that are a perfect fit for their budding personality, getting ready for bed is no longer a battle.

Proper sleep plays an essential role in everything from learning to behavior. That’s why we hand-pick cozy, snuggle-worthy fabrics that deliver the most restful slumber possible. Plush yet durable materials are designed to be well-loved and lived-in, taking little ones comfortably from playtime to lounge time to bedtime and back again.

Our Story

For Sleep On It founder Mark Shalam, being in the apparel business comes naturally. He honed his knowledge of the textile industry working alongside his parents, who’ve spent more than three decades running various clothing-related ventures.

During his many years in the family business, Mark noticed one niche was consistently underserved: children’s sleepwear. The options on the market were conventional and cookie-cutter: the same style in ten different colors, or cheap fabrics plastered in licensed characters that kids quickly grow tired of.

Mark saw an opportunity to carve out a niche with a different, deeper inspiration--the passions that inspire kids to dream big. He founded Sleep On It with the goal of delivering incredibly comfortable, high-quality pajamas that kids love and parents feel good about buying.

He worked tirelessly with manufacturers to get the handfeel of the fabrics just right and developed a wide range of cuts to help every child find the perfect fit for comfortable sleep. He collaborated with designers and drew upon input from the best focus group there is--kids themselves--to create completely original designs that won’t fade with the latest passing fad.

As Sleep On It grew, Mark did what any family man would do: he enlisted his brothers, Ronnie and Max, to join the team, cementing the next generation of the family business.